Truly Crumptious

crumpets coolingMy friend Jane said " Helen, have you ever tried making homemade crumpets"
The trials began, the taste testing evenings were rituals and we became alchemists of crumpets.....

Our Ethos " A little bit of what you fancy does you good"

We started with a 1967 Cheltenham Waterbuck caravan, a collaboration of friends and local craftsmen helped create the look of Truly Crumptious, solar panels were chosen to power the fridges and lighting.

Our suppliers


Doves Farm Flour: A Dorset based company provides us with fair traded and organic flour. It's all in the ageing of the flour which has a natural process rather than a speedy and chemical one, a natural flour allows the proteins and gluten to develop. I have been told by many people who don't over do the gluten contents that my crumpets don't affect them like other bready produce. Not only are we saving some bees and wildlife, cutting out pesticide use but creating a great product. WIN WIN " BEE the change you want to see!"

Essential Trading: Based in Bristol a leading wholesaler in UK organic and fairtrade wholefoods, who carefullly select products we use.

Cheeses: Hawkridge Dairy based in Devon selling a good range of organic and local cheese from carefully sourced farms.

The Cornish Organic Brie is our best seller served with a Damson and chipotle jam < ooof!

Chutneys, Jams and Curds:

The glorious world of chutneys and jams! We make most of them ourselves, a real art in my opinion. Good jams should be about tasting the fruit and enjoying a good lump of something that hasn't been boiled to death in sugar; chutneys are about the balance of spice, sugar and vinegar and thickened to perfection but if you start with tasteless fruit and veg then you can never make it that good. We only use homemade jams and chutneys that are made when seasonal pickings are available, using them at the right time of year when we have gluts of lovely things that are slowly grown to develop flavour. crumpets cookingAgain organic comes into it but in this I think it's really hard for small producers to make money because the certification is so strict and doesn't support them financially, so it's really important to us that it's locally grown and as little messing as possible has happened to grow it. Our curds and syrups are made vegan but you wouldn't know it!

Drinks: We choose Clipper for Coffee and Tea. A Dorset based company who were one of the first in supporting fairtrade; their selection in my opinion tastes great plus we have the bonus of their operations not exploiting people or planet.



The crumpet caravan itself was built out of love, and the solar panels have stood the test of time well ( touch wood!) Creating your own energy and not relying on the electrician to sort you out at a festival is very satisfying especially when the power is overloaded and everyone can't trade.....we can carry on! <smug> It also means you think about how you use that energy much more efficiently. The solar works in the balance of the sun - no sun then the drinks fridge goes off, not many people want cold drinks on a cold day but full on sun allows us to serve up ice cold drinks, perfect! <still smug>


So after all that thought and love to deliver crumpets, we are gonna serve them up on a beautiful paper plate and a fancy napkin to fulfill the visual experience......wrong! We used to but that plate lasts a very short period of time before it goes in the bin. Unbleached napkins, nothing flash and a hard surface of recycled and compostable material that your crumpet will fit on, serving a purpose and cutting down on waste. YES YES YES :)


All in favour of crumpets and tea say "Aye"